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David Perdue's Plan To Safely Re-Open Schools

July 23, 2020CONTACT:
John Burke - Communications Director -
Casey Black - Senior Spokeswoman - casey@perduesenate.comWhat They Are Saying: Senator David Perdue Leads On Safely Reopening Schools

Protecting our schools - David Perdue

The best decisions in education are made by parents, teachers, and local administrators.With the school year fast approaching, our number one priority is to make sure we provide our kids with a safe learning environment.

Senator David Perdue - Bloomberg TV

World-Class Infrastructure: “The President understands that for our economy to compete globally we’ve got to have world-class infrastructure. Georgia is very blessed to be leading in infrastructure. The President isflying down to Georgia today to make an announcement about how he’s clearing ways to continue rebuilding America’s infrastructure. He’s changing a rule that will simplify and modernize the review process and accelerate important infrastructure projects.”

David Perdue - Freedom

FreedomATLANTA, GA – Today, U.S. Senator David Perdue, the Original Outsider, released a new TV ad highlighting his commitment to standing against the radical, socialist agenda that Jon Ossoff is perpetrating on Georgians.