David Perdue's Plan To Safely Re-Open Schools

July 23, 2020
John Burke - Communications Director - john@perduesenate.com
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What They Are Saying: Senator David Perdue Leads On Safely Reopening Schools

“The best decisions are made at the local level between the parents, teachers, and administrators.” – Senator Perdue
ATLANTA, GA - As schools in Georgia and across the country work to safely reopen, U.S. Senator David Perdue is leading efforts to equip them with the tools they need to keep students, teachers, and faculty healthy and safe, without any mandates from Washington. Here’s some of the coverage of Senator Perdue’s SCHOOL Act, which was introduced this week:
Fox News: “Senator Perdue is introducing a plan on Capitol Hill to reopen schools. Let’s put the four-point plan up on the board and go through it. The first point is about establishing a grant program to encourage schools to develop specific reopening plans. Number two is interesting because it connects available healthcare professionals to support schools with additional protocols. Connecting healthcare professionals to schools is a monumental task.”

AJC: “U.S. Sen. David Perdue says he will introduce a bill that will dedicate government resources to helping schools reopen this fall. The Safely Creating Healthy Opening Options Locally (SCHOOL) Act establishes a grant program to help districts develop plans, would help connect schools with health care professionals to establish best practices and encourages districts to share data and best practices among each other and the public.”

11Alive: “Senator David Perdue of Georgia is proposing a program for schools that choose to reopen. It’s called the SCHOOL Act and it would be part of the second round of stimulus. Schools that develop specific reopening plans could apply for a grant under his proposal. It would also connect available healthcare professionals with schools, create a database so school systems can share ideas across the country, and streamline information for parents and public health officials. Senator Perdue says the goal is to open schools safely and more quickly bring students back to the classroom.”

Gwinnett Daily Post: “U.S. Sen. David Perdue, R-Ga., is introducing legislation aimed at helping schools reopen safely… Perdue’s bill would provide funding schools could use to buy personal protective equipment (PPE) and clean and disinfect school buildings. It also would make nurses and other health-care workers available to help with symptom checks and help schools develop procedures for notifying parents of potential COVID-19 cases.”

WSB: “Back to school, new help is on the table to make things easier with all the complications from coronavirus…Under Senator Perdue’s plan, it could make it easier for school districts to share data so they can better handle this crisis…DeKalb County School District decided it will use virtual teaching and will start August 16. Senator David Perdue says he supports local districts making that ultimate call.”

WTOC: “In Georgia, a Senator will soon introduce a bill to help schools across the country plan a return to the classroom. Senator David Perdue is said to introduce the SCHOOL Act. The goal of the bill is to create a grant program and clearinghouse for schools to develop reopening plans. Perdue says those programs allow for schools across the country to share their plans and best practices, give them streamlined access to data transparency, and get support from healthcare professionals both in person and through telehealth options. Senator Perdue says the bill will keep students learning while giving parents peace of mind that they're protected from COVID-19. He says he wants to make sure schools can make the best decisions about reopening locally.”

WSAV: “Georgia Senator David Perdue has introduced a plan that he says will help teachers and students get back to learning safely. Senator Perdue says now is the time for congress to figure out how to get kids back to school safely…. Perdue says his SCHOOL Act would help parents, teachers and students choose what's best for them. He says school officials have contributed to the plan, but Perdue has insight of his own. His mom, dad, and wife were all teachers.”

WALB: “Senator David Perdue discussed his proposal to help schools safely reopen. The SCHOOL Act will help K-12 schools effectively prepare reopening plans, share best practices, streamline data transparency, and connect with healthcare professionals for additional support.”

WTVM“As school systems work to determine the best start dates for your students, leaders are being asked to make decisions about whether to open schools or to use virtual learning. News Leader 9's Washington Bureau spoke exclusively with Georgia Senator David Perdue about his proposed SCHOOL Act…Senator Perdue also says the bill would connect the medical community with the systems. As for opening schools or going with virtual learning, he believes that should be a local decision.”
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