2022 US Senate Candidate - Latham Saddler


Latham Saddler - 2022 Senate Candidate

Latham Saddler has spent his life dedicated to our country both abroad and at home. Fighting for our nation for eight years as a Navy SEAL Officer, serving as Director of Intelligence Programs on the National Security Council, and working alongside our country's leaders as a White House Fellow. 

Latham's Georgia roots followed him along this journey fighting for America, and they began early-on: Born in Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta, Latham's first and deepest connection is to his twin brother, Ashby, who has Down syndrome. In Athens, as a freshman at the University of Georgia, he first felt called to serve in our nation's military as he watched the events of 9/11 unfold. And as a graduate student at Georgia Tech, Latham became fluent in Persian-Farsi while pursuing a master’s in International Affairs. While on active duty, Latham deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq, then received orders to serve at the White House as Director of Intelligence Programs on the National Security Council during the Trump Administration.

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