Jared Craig - 2022 Candidate for Georgia US Senate

Jared Craig 2022 Candidate for US Senate

Jared Craig Seeks 2022 Georgia US Senate Seat

Jared Craig was born in Atlanta, Georgia. He earned a bachelor's degree from the University of West Georgia in 2006 and a J.D. from John Marshall Law School, Atlanta, in 2009. Craig's career experience includes working as a trial attorney specializing in family law and criminal defense

Social Media is a Public Forum. 

I propose we hold social media platforms as any other public forum.  In doing so, access will no longer be restricted based on the content of the speech by those within the forum.  The social media companies are limited to time, place and manner restrictions for users.  The modern view of our Freedom of Speech requires this to stop the monopoly on public speech and the free flow of thoughts between our citizens.  Faceless Censorship must stop!

Voting Integrity: 

I propose that we employ the National Guard in each state to facilitate all national elections.  The National Guard is comprised of civilian soldiers who answer directly to the governors of each state with dual federal connection.  This unique relationship between state and federal governments is important to have local control with federal oversight.  Currently there is very little accountability for those working the polls.  Our votes cannot be diluted!

National Guardsmen and women are a vetted, trained and loyal group of our citizenry with whom we give additional trusts in times of domestic crisis and turmoil. I believe less fraud will occur when those we grant so much trust to also facilitate our elections. Trust in our election system must be restored! Critical Manufacturing Infrastructure:  

The 2019 COVID pandemic has illustrated how much of our vital needs are controlled by nations which intend to do us harm.  We need a critical supply of prescription drugs, medical equipment, technology components and transportation goods manufactured domestically.  I will not vote to do business with our enemies.  The current infrastructure bill has very little to do with what we actually need, and it is filled with pork and nonsense special interest project.

Energy Independence:  

We need energy independence to even begin discussing domestic manufacturing. Joe Biden and the Democrat Party are the direct cause of skyrocketing energy costs.

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