Middle Georgia Republican Women Activities

  1. MGRW is actively involved in promoting an informed public through numerous and varied activities. We hold regular Monthly meetings with political and community speakers from our state and local government. A post legislative forum is also held each June in conjunction with the Houston GOP. State Representatives and Senators are invited to participate. Constitution Day is held in September. MGRW secures thousands of constitution booklets through the Secretary of State’s Office. The constitutions are distributed to all 4th graders in the Houston and Bibb school systems and local libraries. 
  2. We also work to help set up and host the 8th District Fish Fry each August. This is the largest Republican event in the state of Georgia. It provides a platform open to the public to give our local, state and national representatives an opportunity to speak to thousands of conservative Republicans MGRW seeks to increase the effectiveness of women in the cause of good government in the community by communicating with, campaigning, hosting events, and voting for local, state and national Republican women office holders and those seeking office. 
  3. MGRW promotes and supports NFRW and GFRW through participation in programs such as campaign/political activities, Caring For America, Legislative and Club Leadership and Literacy Programs. We also share information from these organizations with members, attend state and national meetings, serve on committees and as officers to these organizations. Additionally, MGRW hosted a visit with the President of the NFRW in Warner Robins. 
  4. MGRW works for the election and re-election of Republican candidates at the local, state and national level. This is done by hosting meet and greets, making phone calls, knocking on doors, handing out literature, and writing and mailing post cards, working at campaign offices and party offices. We also host and co-host numerous Republican events across the state and help with voter registration. 
  5. MGRW promotes conservative values by keeping our members informed on issues which concern the Republican Party and how best to address these concerns. In conjunction with the Houston County GOP we provide and work at a fair booth each year. The purpose is to inform those who visit the booth exactly what the Republican Party stands for. Loyalty to the party is fostered by encouraging our members to attend GFRW state meetings and serve in leadership positions at the state level. Additionally, every year we empower young women by taking them to the capital to meet with the Governor and our Representatives to learn Legislators about state government.


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